"The Young American Amateur."
A 59 year participant in the "Greatest Hobby Ever Devised by Mankind!"
The Reason Behind Our Passion
We Talk to the world using the language of the Morse code. A second language that can be sent and received at speeds greater than a Texan can talk. Voice mode or Single-Sideband_Band (SSB) is also a mode chosen by many. Data modes are abundant for those that like to use a a keyboard.

Peace, friendship and brotherhood are the watchwords of Amateur Radio. No other hobby affords such opportunities for lifelong sucess and satisfaction while spreading neighborly love around the world. If everyone were a ham radio operator the world would be the most peaceful planet in the universe. 
A Search for Technology You Say? 
No past time comes close because communications has been around since the cavemen walked the earth and will be used whenever man steps on other planets. Amateur Radio Operators are mentors all. We love the children of the world and their hard working parents who are doing their best to raise model citizens.
A small part of this hobby of wonders. A tad bit of solder after a design is "conjured" up and volia! 
A new and magical tool for the world to communicate on.